Dr. Andrew GerkenDr. Andrew Gerken specializes in the treatment of orthopedic problems affecting the lower extremity - from the knee to the foot & ankle.  He has had extra fellowship training in these areas, and likes to focus on restoring one’s ability to walk and/or run effectively and pain free.
“I grew up in a tennis playing family, but discovered that I would be much better at running.  From many aspects, competitive running made a huge difference in my life.  However, I battled injuries as much as my opponents.  Although I am still competitive, my new foe is your ailment.  I consider it a victory when I can get someone else moving again pain free, whether it be walking or running activities.  I tend to be on the conservative side, and will do everything short of surgery when possible.  But if your problem requires surgery, I will be focused and utilize the most up to date and proven techniques available.”

Dr. Gerken Discusses Foot & Ankle Problems with the American Health Journal

Dr. Gerken appears on the American Health Journal and discusses common foot and ankle problems.